this is going to be a true story (TRUE STORY) of the exploitation i have gone through as a result of my ex-counselor in cranberry twp. real names have been omitted or disguised because there is a lawsuit which has been settled without lawyers telling me, and which is being contested for that reason as well as for other reasons.

i did not name my website because that domain-name is already taken, but the reason why i would have named it that is because, like corey, i am trying to expose my abusers. like corey, my abusers were people (healthcare providers) who i worked with a few times a week. i couldn't name it, so i settled for just my first name and my favorite town in new york which is an easy drive to my favorite casinos. being brain-damaged, my gambling-friends around olean used to call me "bent brent" because of the "garbage-pail kid" from the 1980s and because of my limited brain-functioning.

i make webpages for brain-injury victims who have been exploited or when anyone exploits anyone else's brain-injury, and i have two other websites. loney hutchins dot com is about another health-care provider who manipulated an injury for insurance-money, and alex a baldwin dot com is about a girl and her family (and a district-attorney) who tried to have a victim thrown in jail for hanging g-rated inflatable men on his roof.

front and center, let's get one thing straight - i am NOT a female-abuser. stop accusing me. stop sending me links just because my domain-name is an actual coast-guard-criminal's name.

i am NOT this female-abuser or this female-abuser, just because my domain-name is similar to his name. this website is regarding a counselor in cranberry township, it's not regarding anyone in the coast-guard.

my domain-name is my first name and my birthplace. like corey feldman had been wanting to expose the names of all of his pedophiles, it may take a few months, but i will post names and text-messages and explanations of how i've been financially raped by my ex-counselor and his wife, who provided home-services to me through her own company which is based out of one of the offices in the big office-space that my ex-counselor rents.
i am writing a few notes to myself so that i do not forget them, and so that lawyers can easily get information.

in 1990, i had a "traumatic brain-injury" in a car-wreck.

in 2007, i started going to a "licensed social-worker" in cranberry township for counseling, scheduled five times a week and paid for by insurance from my brain-injury. i wanted some kind of transformation of myself, but what i ended up getting from his company was a lot of trouble and hardship. actually, it was money from my insurance-company that gave him money to start a company - because he was working in the back of a chiropractor's office when i started seeing him. probably trying to pay off his son's experimental operation which insurance wouldn't cover and which he had to go all the way to texas for.

in 2016, my counselor found a company called "anova" which would provide housekeeping-services for me, courtesy of the insurance from my brain-injury. it wasn't a few months later when my counselor moved "wanda," the girl from anova, into his office-space to help her start her own housekeeping-company. my counselor told me that the company was started FOR me, but i believe that it wouldn't have been started if my insurance-company didn't give out money easily and freely.

insurance would need a doctor's note in order to pay for anova, so my counselor brought in a doctor from clarion who wrote the prescription. my counselor called this phd "House," in reference to both the tv show and the similarities of both doctors' abilities, and "House" told my counselor of my need for a financial-guardian. my counselor assured "House" that he would see to it that one would be appointed. my counselor later told me that he didn't have the heart to appoint a financial-guardian, since he knew that i didn't want one.

around march of 2017, my counselor manipulated me into going to the police-station with him in order to have my roommate removed from my house. he made me think that i would be put into a "home" where someone would take control of my life if i continued to live with someone who could not pay me rent. my counselor followed the police to my house and watched them remove my only friend, and i was unable to watch as i was cowering in sadness in the back of his big pickup-truck.

in june of 2017, i found a sign on my garage-door which was telling me that i had to pay $3500 in back-taxes if i wanted to prevent my house near cranberry township from going to auction. that's when i asked my counselor for help getting a loan.

my counselor took over my phone-calls to a loan-officer i was working with, and he also had loaned me money to pay for utilities and court-payments to save my house. i'm sure he loaned me money because he thought i'd be able to get a loan to pay him back.

i ended up not being able to get the loan, and my counselor told me that the loan-officer told him that the center solution for my problem would be to transfer my house to someone. he told me that he didn't want his name on things, and that is why he got the girl who ran the housekeeping-company to accompany me to the financial-office where i signed my house away.

my counselor always told me that it was "an investor" who i was transferring my house to, he never told me that it was the girl who ran the company which provided my housekeepers. yes, the girl met me at the financial-office where i transferred my house away, but i thought that she was just there because the actual investor couldn't be there. my counselor always referred to the person i transferred my house to as "the investor" and never gave an identity. for all i knew, "the investor" lived in another state.

since the day my counselor had my only friend removed from my house, he had been asking me if i was still talking to my friend. he did it a lot, i was mad that he wouldn't stop reminding me of what was probably the saddest day of my life, and so one day i just said "No". i remember him sending me a text-message months later, after "adult protective services" questioned both him and the housekeeping-girl, which said something like "i understand that you're still talking when you told me that you weren't". he must've wanted SO MUCH to believe that he was the only person i could count on, so much that he didn't think about the ludicrousness of someone giving up a friend for a counselor.

speaking of that, my counselor really had me in fear of him. i was scared that he would find out that i was talking to my friend, and that is why i didn't call or email him for - i don't know, months? he had me scared that i would be put into a "home" if i did not let him "protect" me. when i finally got enough courage to go places with my friend, i was paranoid that my counselor or one of his people would see me arriving at home depot and getting into my friend's car. he was so involved in my life that one of the roommates he helped me get actually thought he was threatening me by telling me that he would tell my counselor that i was hanging around with my friend. what an abusive counselor he was.

oh, i do have a lot of text-messages from my counselor which i had saved after my friend told me to save them in 2018. messages tying him to the transfer of the house, messages telling me when i'd be able to buy a car, messages that proved his overinvolvement in my life. one of those messages was "i'm the only one who cares just for you". according to him, that's what abusers say to the people they abuse. my counselor was always calling my friend an "abuser," and i never thought to say "it takes one to know one," but he was trained in working with abused people so he knew all about how to manipulate a person as helpless as i am.

where was i...oh,, i paid rent to my counselor every month. he gave it to "the investor," who was a mystery to me. by may of 2018, my friend brought me to a lawyer's office. i wasn't completely wanting to get my counselor in trouble, so the lawyer did not want to take the case. i was also falling behind on paying rent, i found a "notice of eviction" on my door (the housekeeping-girl told me that it was my counselor's idea to "scare" me into paying), and i guess that's when i agreed to have my friend call "adult protective services" on my counselor and the housekeeping-girl.

by late summer (maybe september) of 2018, a financial-guardian was appointed because of what my counselor and the housekeeping-girl did to me, so it's not like my counselor was doing me any favors by going against "House" and keeping my life free of financial-guardians. the first financial-guardian had an office in the same building as the lawyer who was appointed by "adult protective services," and i sent a dozen, two dozen, maybe close to a hundred emails to area-lawyers to complain about him when he wouldn't let my mom buy a car for me. he got out of the picture, and the lesbian-lawyer in butler who was also appointed by "adult protective services" got me another financial-guardian who had no problem with my mom buying me a car. things became worse...

in 2020, the guardian who was appointed by the lesbian-lawyer would end up signing a settlement without my knowledge or input. she signed it with the lawyer appointed by "adult protective services," it basically left me with nothing more than what having no lawyers involved would have left me with, so i am just another case of disabled people being exploited by lawyers. i've read a lot about these happenings.

the lawyer appointed by "adult protective services" in 2018 never has left me with a good impression, and the case was settled in the summer of 2020 without anyone telling me until it had been settled for 28 days. i'm unsure if i would have even been told when i was told if my friend was not asking questions. it was like the lawyer from "adult protective services" and my financial-guardian were trying to keep me and my friend from participating in the settlement, because they knew that neither of us would have agreed to it. the fact that they didn't tell me until a month after the settlement happened makes me think that they didn't want me and my friend to go to the courthouse to find a way to oppose the settlement like we went to the courthouse to file a "nunc pro tunc" against the original eviction-notice.

names of lawyers, doctors, counselors, housekeeping-girls will be revealed in due time. i am all for destroying these peoples' livelihoods and reputations because of what has been done to me.

there are a lot of people abusing their power, abusing my brain-injury, and this has gotten a lot bigger than the landlord/tenant dispute that my counselor and the housekeeping-girl thought would be easily resolved. oh, my counselor and the housekeeping-girl got married in 2019 at some military-wedding in hawaii or bermuda or some ocean-place. that alone should make everything look a little more suspicious.

as we did when we filed the "nunc pro tunc" against the eviction-notice, my friend and i have found a way to get a lawyer who is not working for "adult protective services" and who will do what he can to bring to light everything and everyone mentioned on this webpage...and also everything which i forgot to mention.

i remember how the lesbian-lawyer from butler used to say that she'd bring the media into this case, how she always said "this is going to be big," and i believe that it's going to be big. my friend said that there were 5 different lawsuits that he could see, even more if charges could be filed against the lawyers who "adult protective services" brought in, so i'll just wait until i talk to the new lawyer.

oh, how can i forget? i had signed an agreement with the gas-company which gave me thousands of dollars in 2016, and promised to give me $100 to $300 a month once the gas starts pumping. i had waited for so long for this extra monthly money, and it turned out that it started in january of 2019. the money was going to the current "owners" of the property (my ex-housekeeping-girl and her husband, the one who organized the sale, my ex-counselor). the problem is that mineral rights are not supposed to transfer with the sale of the house unless it's explicitly stated in the deed. my roommate was a real-estate agent, and he has called other agents, and this is how i know.

oh, how can i forget? my ex-counselor is supposed to be an "expert" to treat gamblers, not that i knew when i started, but i became somewhat of an addict while seeing him 5 times a week. he knew of it, he knew how much money i could lose in a day, and he didn't seem concerned enough to do anything about it. not that the doctor from clarion didn't tell him to make sure that a financial-guardian was appointed to manage my money, but (as i stated earlier) he told me that he "didn't have the heart" to do it. at the time, i was glad that he "didn't have the heart" to do it, but now that i am living with one anyway, i wish he would have listened to the doctor and got me a financial-guardian to give out my money. i don't see how his ignoring my love for casinos would have been part of a "master plan" for him to seize my house, but the thought has entered my mind.

thinking of my ex-counselor's "master plan" makes me think of the reason he manipulated me into having the police remove my friend from my house. that happened 2 or 3 months before i got the note on my door saying that i owed $3500 in property-taxes, so i wasn't needing or in need of money when my ex-counselor did what he did, but maybe he was anticipating that my gambling would make me in need of money. i don't know.

he was making a boatload of money because of me. his then soon-to-be wife, as well. he was charging my insurance for 3 visits a week when i was going once a week. the housekeeping-girl was charging my insurance for 3 housekeepers a week. two payments of $150 a session done 3 times a week is over $3600 a month. stone temple pilots had a song called "pretty penny," but that was about a girl.

oh, there was one time (at band camp) when he was serious about getting me a "payee" to take care of my bills. he became serious after i had been late on paying him rent a few times. (insert nanny fine's nasal laugh)