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or anyone else exploiting the physical-inadequacies of females.



the difference between me and britney "oops!" spears is that, though both of our lives have gone through a TRANSFORMATION and are limited by a plenary (unlimited) "guardianship of the estate," my "guardianship of the person" is limited and only infringes on my autonomy when COMPLEX MEDICAL-MATTERS arise. in cartman's words, "i do what i want". britney had a breakdown of her mental-health in 2008 and was assigned a guardian, i had a brain-injury in 1990 and was assigned a guardian in 2018, after i was manipulated into transferring my house to someone in order to pay for back-taxes. being only a financial-guardian, my previous guardian WAS NOT JUSTIFIED to sign a settlement which robbed me of the right to go online and TATTLE on the fraud which was behind the transfer. it doesn't matter if the fraud took place in a professional business-park or an amusement-park, my online-life has NOTHING to do with my finances or medical-matters.

"i'll tell you once, i won't tell you twice, you'd better wise up, janet weiss"

there is no automatic TRANSFORMATION of "guardian of the estate" to "guardian of the person," only a judge and a doctor (or two) can order it, so i didn't obey the previous guardian's settlement. i wasn't gambling on possibly breaking the law, either, for crying out loud...though i do gamble a heck of a lot. here are the facts - 1) nobody told me about the settlement. 2) it was simply mailed to me - regular mail, no signature. 3) it was overnighted 27 days after it was made (the day after my friend had emailed everyone involved to ask what was happening). curiously, there is a time-limit for anyone to contest a settlement. 4) nobody was COUNSELING me on it while i was reading it, since my financial-guardian requested to be removed from my case after she signed the settlement. 5) it infringed on my freedom of speech. never mind the fact that a judge later found it "problematic," how am i supposed to live without you or obey an order signed on my behalf by someone with no authority to approve of it? i will soon repost the matter of financial-exploitation regarding the theft of my house...if the media gets involved, i'll also be posting news-articles which will CENTER on everyone involved in this exploitation of property.

if i have been violated and harmed, i'm going to address the matter and tell the world. there are plenty of websites like which were created for the purpose of "outing" fraudulent or otherwise reprehensible businesses, but this isn't the first website i've made which tells the world about my experiences with fraudulent people, businessmen or businessgirls. i won't be naming names just yet, but i will hopefully be able to soon. "and i'll go out in the street, yeah, and i'll shout it again from the highest mountain" - i'll shout it once, i'll shout it twice, you'd better wise up before i shout it 225 times!


"if ferris thinks that he can just coast through this month and still graduate, he is SORELY mistaken"

inside the courtroom, the other side was acting almost GIDDY while we all were waiting for the judge to enter the courtroom, like they were mentally cruising (or coasting) down the road or in a drive-park on easy street with NOTHING to worry about. there were like 5 or 6 people in the group - MORE than the number which should have been there, and i am SURE that they were anticipating good news and planning to go out to CELEBRATE afterward. they were all LAUGHING smugly and CHATTING away like they had everything "in the bag". they must have felt SO slapped in the face when the judge said that there were problems with the settlement and that he would HAVE TO give it to another court. they were hoping for an EVICTION. they didn't get it. they were SORELY mistaken.

this was a classic kelso-burn, these people were PUNK'D like ashton kutcher could never even imagine, and it brings back images of when michael kelso stood and walked up to EACH AND EVERY ONE of the people in the basement, shot his pointer-finger out and screamed "BURN!" as a proud and heartfelt harassment to each one of them, a recognition of his moment of superiority.

as somber as the once-giddy group was, they had been TRANSFORMED into a bunch of deer - frozen and staring at a car's headlights. what did nanny fine say - "i can't even PROCESS that, it was so mean" - ha. i'm sure they spent a lot of time TRYING to process what the judge did to both them and their hopes of becoming the unquestionably-legitimate owners of my house. "what just happened here," right? ha. i would have loved to have gotten my inner michael kelso out and screamed "BURN!" to everyone on the other side. one by one, just like kelso. ladies and gentlemen, there has been a change of plans - you are NOT going to go out to celebrate.

i am CERTAIN that a part of the reason they were so overconfident and ZEALOUS was because i had continued to post many things online after i had read the "settlement" enough to realize that a condition of the settlement was that i DIDN'T post anything online. sure, i complied when i chose to stop referring to people by name, but accepting the settlement was not going to happen, and i knew that nobody had the right to tell me to keep quiet. especially the RETARDS who were hired by "adult protective services," for crying out loud. they are so FRAUDULENT to have either written or approved a settlement which harmed me financially. they PUNK'D me, they managed to pull off quite a BURN, but they also PUNK'D and BURNED the other side by writing such a problematic settlement and making the other side think that they were the victors.
(i should post this story on

though the events leading up to a financial-guardian being imposed onto me have been told about 314 times in the course of 3 years, basically to a plethora of lawyers and doctors, i'll do it again. in 2016, i owed $3500 in back-taxes. i could not get a REFINANCE because of my credit-rating. i asked a respectable BUSINESSMAN who i had been seeing every WEEK for 10 years to find a way to help me get me a LOAN to pay for the $3500 in back-taxes. i let him communicate with someone from a MORTGAGE-COMPANY in allentown who i had been calling. he seemed CERTAIN that i would be able to get the refinance. he lent me a TOTAL of around $5000 or $6000 to help me PAY utilities and the payments for the back-taxes and stuff like that. the REFINANCE fell through and i remember asking him if he knew any "LOAN SHARKS" who would help me get out of the situation i was in. i became aware of "loan sharks" because of an episode of "ALF" i had recently seen. after a while, he had me TRANSFER my house to his soon-to-be wife, for me to buy back in a year or two when the monthly INCOME received because of my brain-injury would increase by a lot. his soon-to-be WIFE was actually the girl who sent HOUSEKEEPERS and COMPANIONS (and other "helping hands") to my house, paid for by my insurance-company. it is kind of IRONIC how the DOCTOR who wrote the PRESCRIPTION for me to get home-care from the wife's company has already provided some damning TESTIMONY against the husband for something he promised HER he'd do to supplement my CARE and never did. this page once provided a bigger PICTURE of the story, and i still have that page to post if i want to, but i guess the SUMMARY is enough if i am talking more about a court-hearing related to the theft of my house.

i have to say this - the husband and wife may have gotten married because two spouses are not allowed to testify against each other. their marriage happened too fast, which also raises suspicion - is three years too fast to go from not knowing each other at all to getting married? when she first started working with me in 2016, she told me that she was never going to get married again. i took that as an insult directed towards men, i filed her in the "angry feminist" compartment of my mind, and i just kept quiet. the two didn't know each other before 2016, and he only met her when he was searching for a home-helper for me as a way to make me realize that i didn't need my friend living with me. that's exactly what the girl's husband told me. he was seeking a helper to "nudge" me away from my friend and the help my friend provided me. he found a home-care company, he got his doctor-friend to prescribe it for me, and eventually he helped the girl from the home-help company start her own business and rent office-space from the building he must own a part of. i just thought i would bring that up.

back to how i was PUNK'D by "adult protective services" - the one lawyer from "adult protective services" who works in beaver hasn't liked me ever since i emailed one of the BROADS in his lawyer-office and asked her what sexual-harassment WAS. "if i were to do this to a 'strong woman,' would it be considered sexual-harassment...what about if i were to do this...what about saying this to a 'strong woman'...what about this". i may have shown her some of the SHIRTS and SLOGANS i have on my main website, i may have asked her if it'd be HARASSMENT to wear them in front of a 'strong woman'. slogans like "if females can unabashedly call themselves strong...all i need is a sex-change," accompanied by a picture of the little PETITE dumbells/barbells that females use instead of the man-sized weights which they CAN'T LIFT.

slogans like "curves fitness - if you can't beat 'em, ban 'em"

slogans like "anything a (78 year-old) man can do"

i'm not sure which slogans i sent to the SIDEKICK-lawyer (female lawyer) who works with the lawyer from "adult protective servicies," but i sent the same email to over 100 sidekick-lawyers (female lawyers) in saxonburg, cranberry township, beaver county, butler county and surrounding areas. i have come to realize that it is POLITICALLY-INCORRECT and NEARLY CRIMINAL to question the relevance of any "strong" woman. her FEELINGS must be preserved, she must not feel LESSER than men, she must not feel SHORTER or SMALLER or WEAKER than members of the taller, bigger, stronger gender. and she MUST not relate the MAJORITY of MENSA-MEMBERS being MEN to anything suggesting that females' intellects pale in comparison.

getting back to my story and why the lawyer from "adult protective services" PUNK'D me with a "settlement" which left me with nothing - i was unsure of how any FEMALE-CHAUVINIST (feminist) would have regarded the way i framed my questions about what constitutes sexual-harassment, but i figure that i made both the sidekick (female) lawyer and the lawyer from "adult protective services" angry. i think that the lawyer ended up writing or approving such a BOGUS "settlement" because he wanted to SABOTAGE my case. i would apologize to him, i really didn't think that someone as well-respected as he is would have SEXISTS working for him, but i guess i was wrong. i guess he does have FEMALE-CHAUVINISTS (feminists) working for him. it doesn't matter - at the end of the day, i punk'd him, he punk'd me (and in the process punk'd the other side with visions of victory), but i did come out on top.

i'm wondering who wrote a court-settlement which was apparently SLOPPY enough for a judge to actually have seemed REPULSED by it. was it the lawyers from "adult protective services" who wanted to be DONE with me? did they know that the settlement would have been REJECTED by a judge, and was this their way of telling me to GO POUND SALT and actually PAY for a lawyer? was it the lawyer for the other side? was it one of the PEOPLE on the other side? maybe it was the one who rents apartments and thinks he's legally competent...i mean, competent in handling legal-matters.

they all must have been so HAPPY when they were drawing up the settlement at the meeting with the lawyers from "adult protective services" who didn't invite me - the owner of the house - to the meeting. the settlement was like a WISH-LIST - they must have felt so slapped in the face to hear the judge say that there were PROBLEMS with the settlement.

all throughout the hearing, i was cautiously listening for anything that sounded good, and i was NOT disappointed. my mom's lawyer needed more time to SUBPOENA a few people, and i was worried about him not getting time, but he'll be able to subpoena by the time ANOTHER hearing comes around.

it's not that i am fighting to REMAIN in this house, though. i'm from olean, new york, and am accustomed to being a few miles from a few casinos, so i wouldn't be fighting to stay in ANY house that's so far from a casino. it's just the fraudulent way in which the house was taken from me. same thing with "sleepy joe" - it's not HIM more than it is the fraudulent way in which he was selected. i've been wanting to give up on this house and relocate closer to a bunch of CASINOS since before the house-transfer happened. this house ISN'T my nest-egg. my nest-egg is the money i get every MONTH from my accident-lawsuit, which will increase when jg wentworth is repaid. my nest-egg is my live-in helper who replaced the daily helpers who were sent by the wife's home-care company. that's one of the better things that came out of the madness that is the house-transfer - the knowledge that insurance will pay for me to get home-care. i stay in my room all day, typing on the computer, and i have a butler to tend to the house. well, i don't stay in my room ALL DAY, because sometimes i go out driving randomly or to a casino.

maybe after all is said and done, i'll copy a "secret webpage" over onto this webpage. that "secret webpage" links to a lot of text-messages from the one who orchestrated the transfer of my house to his wife, the one who has done his best to stay uninvolved for the sake of his reputation as a "caregiver". i was actually totally surprised to see him at the court-hearing. my mom asked "who is that," i looked behind me and saw him looking at me, and i just waved. i thought that his presence could be construed as an admission of his involvement in everything, but my friend reminded me that he is married to one of the girls involved in the case.

when i was leaving the courtroom, through the doors, guess who was on the opposite side and holding his camera in front of him? well, it was a phone, but i'm sure he was using the camera.

anyway, the text-messages i have in email-form are complete with date-stamps and his phone-number, so he's not going to stay uninvolved for long. yeah, i get text-messages through email, thanks to "google voice," so it was no big deal to make them into webpages showing how deep he is involved in everything. when i saw him frequently, he so desperately wanted me to get rid of "google voice," he even bought me a normal cell-phone to steer me away from it. things that make you go hmmn...

anyway, the "secret webpage" is currently being kept SECRET because it's only there for me to show police and lawyers, but i have a LOT of sexual-preferences to - oh, wait, i meant to say "textual-references" - i have a LOT of textual-references to the involvement of a "caregiver" who SO DESPERATELY does not want to be involved in this mess. he will remain nameless for now.

it's NOT just text-messages which are on the "secret webpage," there are PHOTOGRAPHS, too. my friend has photographs on his PHONE and backups ONLINE, as well. he sent them all to the lawyer, too. somebody call ashton kutcher, because someone's gonna get MAJORLY PUNK'D soon. did i mention a photo of mail from a BANK being sent to this house, probably as a way for one of the involved parties to prove RESIDENCE or to obtain an "owner-occupied MORTGAGE," as my friend suggested. "it's the same thing as them switching the name on the comcast-account," he said. yeah, he took a picture of the envelope from comcast, too. i guess the name-switch with the bank and comcast is in the wifey's name, but i don't doubt that it wasn't her idea. her name is on the mortgage, so it's her name which has to be on the mail that comes to this house. he is guilty of so much fraud.

what'd dolly parton say? "there's more where that came from (that's right)"


until i have updates on this matter, please see OTHER webpages made by brain-damaged people, in response to hardships caused by healthcare-facilities and/or busybody-neighbors. i'm sure you can find MANY accounts of naughty neighbors and/or bad business-practices anywhere online, but i'll link to TWO. it's not slander if it's true

loney hutchins dot com (including a parody of billy idol's "white wedding")
alexa baldwin dot com (including a parody of alanis morissette's "you oughta know")

i guess i should also include my main website,, too. yes, it's wordplay. kind of like how the word "therapist" brings to mind "the rapist". anyway, my website being named "jagged little dyl" is a parody of alanis morissette's record-setting "jagged little pill". "i've got a two-track playing in my head," so whenever i'm writing then i'm going to make a few references to that thing called "pop music". i remember stephen king doing the same. anyway, i was obsessed with prince and madonna when i was growing up. i disassociated myself from madonna...partially after her "erotica" release and then totally after her "rae of light" release. i didn't even buy that or any more of her records. "evita" is not madonna's creation, so don't start with me. :) i like matchbox 20, as well. not so much bob dylan. i hear lois terreri was celebrated for lending her voice to the "sweet adelines"

music and lyrics were always a set of helping hands
home-care, yes
emotional-support, yes
companionship, yes
i was helped in every single way by the songs i listened to

they were helping hands for me to better deal with being alive, after my brain-damge left me needing supprt. besides music and lyrics, all i had were casinos to bring a sense of happiness to my life. casinos are very theraputic for me, and they are therapy-clinics which i don't mind going to. speaking of therapy, and aside from my mom's dog named harley or hHARLAN, there was also a dog named ashley for a very short time when i was at the homeless-shelter with my friend. i hope people remember that part of my life, because retribution is happening. that's why you don't have the house, that's how the "nunc pro tunc" was filed to fight your first eviction-attempt in 2018, it was because of my friend. every word that you said about my friend, everything that you did to my friend and his family, every hardship you have caused ME by manipulating my brain-damage so that he'd be thrown out, get ready for some karma. there is a slot-machine called "captain payback". you are two steps away from being convicted of a major crime against a disabled person. add this to the abuses you've committed in uniform. you are lucky that i don't play well with others, because one of the last lawyers who abandoned me had initially told me that she'd get the media involved.

"all the little things you do will end up coming back to you"

music and lyrics were helping hands for emotional and medical, too. for cooking and cleaning. for just companionship. ma donna's helping hands really helped me when i was ho mebound and could n't walk and when i needed help and home-care services. i gue ss it wasn't all madonna, though..

springsteen, bruce
king, ben e.
adams, bryan
delory, donna
thomas, rob
thomson twins, the

just some other helping hands who have helped me get through life.

i tend to call music and lyrics a set of helping hands because they are responsible for transformation

counseling services don't bring transformation, not in my life - psycho-therapy is a joke

there's no such thing as a magic cranberry that's going to turn someone into something they are not, or turn me into some kind of responsible executive

drive an expensive car, eat three meals a day, use a condom. that's not me. people in my life need to know this. i'm always going to prefer a butler over getting out of my bed. i'm always going to prefer being a sloth over being an executive

drive - i have none
ambition - only for sex
motivation - to leave when i cum

this is my life, and i wish that people would accept that. i'm never going to be any different than i am now, no matter how many helping hands are helping me with home-care services or with township-based or community-based services. i am never going to be an executive, i'm never going to be anything more than a bed-potato who's listening to "bewitched" or "alf" all day.

when strangers don't want to be around me or otherwise put me down because i do not have a job, it's putting me down because of what i do with my life. when people don't agree with the things i like to do, whether it's doing my website(s) or driving aimlessly or going to casinos or doing what i want to do, it's also putting me down. when people view every single thing i do as a problematic result of my brain-damage, as if i wouldn't be doing them if i didn't have a brain-injury, that's where i draw the line and stop wanting these people near me. i have the grace of god (please excuse the lack of capitalization) to thank for not being given a guardianship of the person, which would have limited my freedom in ways which would have driven me to actually commit suicide rather than just constantly thinking and talking about it. this grace was given to me in the form of a doctor whose name is actually grace, and who was called to testify at the guardianship-hearing. she told the court that i would not require a guardianship of the person, and she knew this because it was a year before the guardianship-hearing when she spent a lot of time talking with me to determine my need for insurance to pay for a helper to help around the house. my need for helpers is not related to any financial-guardianship, either. yeah, i refer to them as "helpers" because that's what they are. that's what i have always regarded these people as - either helpers or a set of helping hands

home-care services is basically what they are known as, maybe "home-care service-people". anyway, after the fraudulent house-transfer happened, a guardianship-hearing took place, and grace the doctor testified to the court that all i needed was a guardianship of the estate. that guardianship of the person was overkill. if i had anything more than a guardianship of the estate, if people were limiting my daily life or saying "you can't go driving for hours on end, you can't to casinos, you can't go to adult-bookstores," i would probably have killed myself by now. if there are people in my situation who have no actual need for any kind of guardianship, but who have had one forced upon them because of a single financial mistake that they made, something needs to be done with guardianship-laws. i realize that i (or anyone else under guardianship) can go to court and request a termination or limitation of the guardianship, but i have been reading that this doesn't happen as much as it should. that's something that has to change.

anyway, though i have someone in my life who is willing to be a "helping hand" and to provide my life with somewhat enjoyable experiences, i still spend a lot of time in my room. when i'm alone in my room, my helping hands are my mp3-files. speaking of mp3-files, "when i'm alone in my room, sometimes i stare at the wall, and in the back of my mind i hear my conscious call". ha. anyway, my helping hands are not going to lead to any kind of transformation, i'm never going to become an "upstanding member of society," and the purpose of a helping hand is only to make life easier and more enjoyable.
alright, that was depressive. i don't know where that came from. well, now that i got my depression out of my system, call it a commercial to bring attention to what "helping hands" are and the kind of people they are associated with, i'll continue. where was i...

actually, i don't think i have anything more to say right now. "i've laid the seed, it should be all you need".

"all the little things you do will end up coming back to you"